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About Dr Pascal Portanier

Pascal Portanier has worked for 20 years as designer for luxury brands : Karl Lagerfeld, Rodier, Lancôme, Clarins, Guinot, Rosenthal.

During his carreer, he has created scarves collections, textile prints, packagings, logo, luxury stands, displays and diverse licence products.

Studying design at the Beaux Arts School, Pascal Portanier holds, as well, a Master degree in Philosophy, an MBA and a Ph.D in Luxury Brand Management.

Since 2003, he has delivered conferences and education on Luxury Brand Management at HEC Paris, London College of Fashion, ISEG University, Peru Fashion Week and the Chalhoub group.

Specialized in fashion and design management, Dr Portanier has invented new methods in luxury marketing, semiotics, products and communication decoding.

Former Senior-Manager at Accenture, this expert provides branding consultancies and manages design projects for luxury companies in Dubai, China, Portugal, USA and England.


Pascal Portanier Courses

15 years’ teaching experience in prestigious universities all over the world : HEC Paris, London College of Fashion, Beijing UIBE, EDHEC.


Pascal Portanier Seminars

Dr Pascal Portanier delivers executive seminars to ceo’s, marketing teams, designers, and brings concrete solutions to managers in class.


Pascal Portanier Conferences

Delivery of conferences on Luxury Brand Management, focused on fashion and design, in : Peru, Russia, Kazakhstan, Monaco, Brazil.


Luxury Consulting

Former Senior-Manager at Accenture Consulting, Dr Pascal Portanier is delivering concrete advices to companies.


Luxury Seminars

20 years’ experience in design and project management for luxury brands : Karl Lagerfeld, Rodier, Lancôme, Clarins, Guinot, Rosenthal....


Luxury Brand Management and Product Design

Dates : - from 08 until 12 April 2019
            - from 08 until 12 July 2019
            - from 02 until 06 September 2019
Institute : London College of Fashion (GB)
Reservation on the web site :
London college of fashion / short courses / fashion business / fashion management

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One hour consultancy
on Skype with Dr Portanier

Get a first overview and feed-back of your company or your project, in terms of :
- business strategy,
- design of the product lines,
- communication, displays,
- web site.

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